19″ 42U Cabinet Standard, gray, 800x2000x800

Product No.: R171502 PU: 1 ST
E-No.: 966729545 
19″ perforated steel profiles, rear and front. Maximum load: 600 kg

1 brush strip1 set of captive nuts (PU 20 pcs.)4 leveling feet M102 keys

Scope of supply

  • Sheet steel housing with welded framework, fully assembled
    Inside: back and front 4 x 19″ profile rails, galvanized, depth-adjustable (scale 25 mm), ASA profile
    Patching space front 125 mm, mounting depth 550 mm
    Front door with window (safety glass), single-point turning handle, lockable
    Door hinge right or left (factory default is set to right)
    Detachable side walls with two single-point latches
    Interior housing parts fully grounded
    Roof and floor featuring pre-punched openings for cable entry and for the mounting of fan units
    Door opening angle 180°
    Height units: standard labeling


19 cabinet system