Cablesystems VARIOline

Cable VARIOline


Robust, pre-terminated cable assemblies for campus and building cabling in indoor and outdoor applications. The cable assemblies are available with different fiber counts, fiber types and connector types. Installation is supported by a watertight pull-in tube.

VARIOline E-2000™ APC 12x – E-2000™ APC 12x, green/green

VARIOline E-2000™ APC 24x – E-2000™ APC 24x, green/green

VARIOline LC PC 12x – LC PC 12x, beige/beige

VARIOline LC PC 24x – LC PC 24x, beige/beige

VARIOline SC PC 12x – SC PC 12x, beige/beige

VARIOline SC PC 24x – SC PC 24x, beige/beige