Data Centers

With the development of information technology equipment in the new century and the development of software architecture methodology from object-oriented architecture to service-oriented architecture and the creation of developed platforms based on this architecture and the arrival of tablets and smartphones that greatly increase the level of Internet use, the need for large infrastructures, web technologies “Newer” feels more. The data center industry responded to this feeling of need and entered into the design and construction of much larger data centers with more modern technologies. The development of technologies in the data center industry has advanced greatly in various areas of this industry and has caused more needed infrastructure to provide newer services with higher quality, more user-friendly technologies, at a lower cost and of course with greater reliability.

Data centers

Data center design and implementation

One of the principles and pillars of the activities of Lavan Communication Company is in the field of providing solutions, designing and implementing data centers (data centers). But what is the importance of designing and implementing data centers?

With the possibility of establishing high-speed connections to the Internet, as well as having numerous and strong servers, data centers have provided the possibility of setting up web servers for the general public and more importantly for commercial companies. In today’s world, despite the huge amount of data, internet sites, servers and data centers, the importance of managing data centers and storage and central network equipment is increasing. For this reason, designing, implementing, controlling, managing and maintaining these equipments has become a major challenge for every organization and company. Therefore, the design and implementation of such a place in order to centralize network servers and use common maintenance resources is considered one of the important and influential factors in the work progress of any organization today.

Data centers

With experienced and capable professionals, and by complying with all world standards and benefiting from two decades of valuable and useful experience in the field of consulting, designing and implementing data centers, Lavan Ertebat is ready to provide technical and engineering services in these fields to organizations, companies and It is a respected institution.

Data center design and implementation services are provided in Lavan Ertebat  in the following specialized fields:

  • Design and implementation of data center physical infrastructure
  • Design and implementation of passive data center structure
  • Setting up management and monitoring systems and services
  • Providing security solutions for the design and implementation of the physical infrastructure and environment of the data center
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Data centers