Joan rack products

Lavan Ertebat Company is proud to start the production of Joan racks since 2007 with the aim of providing part of the needs of companies and organizations for standard and quality racks.

The server rack and network develop the effectiveness and efficiency of systems and data centers. Maintaining and protecting your server and network equipment is easier and their security is increased. You may think that buying a server rack and a network rack is a bit difficult because of the cost, but you should note that the advantages and benefits that the rack provides you will certainly be worth it. Lavan Ertebat with Joan racks brings improvement of effectiveness and efficiency in your data centers.

Having many technical characteristics, along with features such as beautiful and unique design, diversity in models, sizes and accessories, Joan racks can be suitable options in all organizations and companies.

These racks are offered in different models such as wall and laboratory server racks.

Joan racks in sizes from 6 to 42 units and widths of 60-80-100 and depths of 45 and 60 for wall racks and depths of 60-80-100 and 120 for standing racks are suitable for all types of data centers.

These racks are accompanied by a wide variety of peripheral equipment such as fixed and movable trays, blank panels, cable holders, power modules, fan and temperature controllers, wheels and bases, protective locks, light panels and all kinds of resistant glass doors, mesh and simple metal. They meet all the needs of network designers.