Polaris 6 housing

Polaris 6 housing


The Polaris-box 6 sees itself as a talented all-rounder. It can be used in all kinds of premises from a single dwelling unit, such as a family home, to building complexes. From the building entry point through risers and floor distributors to the optical termination outlet.

The fiber management element supports patch, slice and splitter configurations as well as individual assembly. All typical FTTH topologies are feasible.

In the standard basic version the Polaris-box 6 has space for twelve splice connections and six or twelve patch connections. The equipment can be extended with four FMTS (Fiber Management Tray) 1TPU splice trays or two 2TPU splitter trays. When fully assembled, the platform terminates 60 splice and 12 plug connections. The box is retrofittable in all ways.

With the integrated housing seal, the Polaris-box 6 fulfills the requirements of protection class IP67. The cable seals fulfill IP65 requirements. A unique feature is the two-part, modular seal solution with slit elements for cable entries.


Polaris-box 6