Premium Line products

Premium-Line Systems GmbH is part of a global manufacturing group with more than 30 years of experience in the network market. The Premium Line system is a comprehensive solution for network infrastructure, designed mainly in Europe, and has a complete set including the following:

  • Classic and advanced copper solutions
  • Comprehensive fiber optic solutions for buildings and factories
  • Data center server racks

Quality and service

Premium Line has dedicated teams for in-house quality monitoring and systematic product upgrades, and is also responsible for quality, technical and maintenance support. All products are inspected and continuously monitored from the time the raw materials arrive until the production process is finished. Based on the latest international standards, in addition to the valid ISO certificate as well as the “ROHS compliant” physical guarantee, Premium Line Company is committed to producing the highest quality products and providing services with the best possible performance.

Lavan Ertebat Company is proud to be the exclusive agent of Premium Line Systems GmbH, Germany.

Fiber optic equipment

Copper equipment

Industrial solutions

Data centers