(Set of Sample (Atex UHF

Set of Sample (UHF)   Set of Sample UHF
 Features  Applications
  • Operates effectively with a very good read range.
  • Tag can be pre-programmed with specific IDs based on customer’s requirements.
  • Rugged construction for high durability.
  • Dust & water proof.
  • Harsh environments and chemical resistance.
  • Flexible Read/Write Range (reader dependent).
  • It can be used in toll application, vehicle identification, tracking of jewelery, tracking of garments in the textile rental and dry cleaning throughout the world irrespective of frequency used in country.
  • Used in IT asset tracking applications such as backup tapes, servers, hard drives and media tapes without any human intervention.
  • Used in inventory control of small tools and manufacturing equipment, ware house management, containers and railway coaches identification in any part of the world irrespective of frequency used in country.
  • Factory automation, Automotive & Security purpose.