Social accountability

Social responsibilities include the activities that companies have to do towards the society in which they are. These activities can include care, attention and help to the target community.

In this field, Lavan Ertebat has considered activities in its commitment to the society and the people of the society and intends to fulfill these commitments in a good way.

In general, we can consider the responses of Lavan Ertebat to include: entrepreneurship, cultural activities, and environmental protection activities.


Today, the survival of societies and the economy of countries depends on the entrepreneurship and creativity of people in society.

Today, many people have hidden talent and ability in this field; But they may not be able to implement their goals properly due to financial problems or their entrepreneurial projects may be stopped. Therefore, Lavan Ertebat Company, aware of possible issues and problems in this field, intends to have a share in exchange for helping these people.

Lavan Ertebat Company in cooperation with “Tek” Accelerator Company has planned special programs for entrepreneurs.


Cultural activitie

Sports is one of the essential activities for all members of the society; Because the development, growth and prosperity of a society depends on the level of mental and physical health of the people of that society.

In this regard, Lavan Ertebat Company has prepared regular programs for its employees on a weekly basis so that the company’s employees can gather in a friendly and healthy environment and devote hours of their day to exercise and health.

Environmental Protection

Lavan Ertebat has always put environmental protection at the top of its activities. In this area, we can mention the products of Lavan Ertebat, which are designed based on the GRI standard, and this company always tries to establish a balance between economic, environmental and social activities.