Computer networks

Design and implementation of computer networks

Today, no one can deny that almost all organizations, institutions, schools, companies, etc. are using computer networks, for one simple reason: regular, integrated and fast communication of computer systems to transfer various types of information.

Although the use of computer networks often makes things easier, it is not necessarily always the case and sometimes it will have its own complications, which may be beyond the scope of knowledge, patience and time of companies and institutions to resolve these complications and problems.

Computer networks

Network and server management and support are possible in different ways. Some organizations employ full-time and part-time experts for this work, but the experience of management work has shown that putting all the information and documents of a company in the hands of one person is a big risk. We have seen many times in organizations that employees shirk their responsibilities and leave the organization for various reasons. Therefore, leaving matters related to the design and implementation of computer networks to an experienced and reliable group is the best option that can be offered to managers and business owners.

With a history of two decades of activity in the field of designing and implementing computer networks and the use of experienced staff who have completed the necessary training, Lavan Company has the ability to support and maintain systems and networks of any size, small and large. Lavan Ertebat network monitoring and management systems are one of the best network management solutions for organizations and companies.

Computer networks

A look at some of Lavan Ertebat clients can make the decision easier for any organization and management that is struggling with problems related to the design and implementation of computer networks:

– Imam Khomeini Relief Committee (RA)

– mehre eghtesad Bank

– Ansar Bank

– Bank Day

– Hekmat Iranian Bank

– Bank of the future

– National Bank

– agricultural Bank

Qavamin Bank and many other big and well-known organizations and companies…

Computer networks